Film Stocks is a unique filter that simulates 288 different color and black and white still photographic film stocks, motion picture films stocks and historical photographic processes. Using our experience in creating special effects for hundreds of feature films as well as expertise in film scanning and recording techniques, we have laboriously researched and analyzed different film stocks to come up with a set of interesting analog photographic, motion picture and vintage looks. Make any digital image look interesting by applying some of our film magic.

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Polaroid® 669

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Film Stocks Features:

  • 288 analog photographic film presets
  • Select from Agfa®, Fuji®, Ilford®, Kodak®, Polaroid® and Rollei® color and black and white film stocks
  • Choose from a wide range of historical photographic processes
  • Get the skewed color look of cross processing
  • Apply Lo-Fi photographic looks from Lomo and Holga toy cameras
  • Age your images with the looks of faded films
  • Create your own film stock presets
  • Layering system for multiple film stock application *
  • Sophisticated but easy to use masking tools *
  • Add a vignette to any preset
  • Modify images with presets or sliders
  • Quickly search for presets
  • 32 bit image processing
  • Multi-processor acceleration
  • GPU acceleration
  • * Photo plug-in version only.

  • One Film Stocks photo plug-in license will allow it to run in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Photoshop Elements, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom and Apple Aperture if installed on the same machine.
  • One Film Stocks video/film plug-in license will allow it to run in Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, Apple Final Cut Pro (including FCPX), Apple Motion 5 and Avid Editing Systems if installed on the same machine.

The film names and stocks listed above are the brands and trademarks of their respective holders. None of the film producers listed on this page endorse or sponsor Digital Film Tools or any other content contained on this page, nor are any of the film producers affiliated with Digital Film Tools. All trademarks and copyrights are the exclusive property of their respective owners.

FIlm Stocks

Product Manual / User Guides

The above software contains a 15 day fully functional trial for both photo and video/film versions.

Note: The Film Stocks installer includes both photo and video/film versions. Choose the version(s) you would like to install during installation.

Please download and test the software on your machine before purchasing.

The software will be converted to a permanent version by purchasing a license.

Internet access required during activation / deactivation and to get a trial license.

System / Software Requirements:

  • Adobe Photoshop CS5 and up
  • Adobe Photoshop Elements 9 and up
  • Apple Photoshop Lightroom 3 and up
  • Apple Aperture 3 and up

  • Adobe After Effects CS5 and up
  • Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 and up
  • Apple Final Cut Pro 6/7
  • Apple Final Cut Pro X 10.0.4
  • Apple Motion 5.0.3
  • Avid Editing Systems (64 Bit only)

  • Macintosh Multicore 64 Bit Intel® processor
  • Mac OSX 10.7.x - OSX 10.9.x

  • Windows Vista 64 bit, Windows 7 64 Bit, Windows 8 64 Bit

Internet access required for software activation / deactivation / trials

- Version (Mac Only) released 08/20/2014

  • Avid Media Composer 8.1 Compatibility
    Film Stocks is now compatible with Avid Media Composer 8.1.

- Version released 6/19/14

  • Installer - Photoshop Creative Cloud 2014
    The installer now automatically finds the Photoshop Creative Cloud 2014 install location.

- Version (Mac Only) released 10/04/2013

    Bug Fix
  • Activation Problem
    Fixed the activation window popping up multiple times in FCPX when Film Stocks was applied to multiple clips in a sequence.

- Version (Mac Only) released 10/01/2013

    Bug Fix
  • Photoshop Hang With Smart Layer
    It was possible to hang Photoshop when working on a Smart Layer that hung off the edge of the canvas--such as when shifted up and to the right.
  • Avid Crashed When GPU Rendering Failed
    On some graphics cards, Avid would crash when clicking the Done button in the user interface.

- Version (Mac Only) released 08/29/2013

    Bug Fix
  • Trial Activation Problem - Avid Media Composer 7
    The trial activation window on Avid Media Composer 7 would flash on and then disappear.

- Version (Mac Only) released 07/02/2013

    Bug Fix
  • Activation Problem
    If Film Stocks was not licensed, FCPX would crash when Film Stocks was applied to a clip in the timeline.

- Version 1.5 released 06/11/2013

  • Activated After Effects Render Multiple Frames Features
    Film Stocks now works with the After Effects Memory & Multiprocessing > Render Multiple Frames feature.
  • GPU Acceleration
    Film Stocks is now accelerated with OpenCL using your graphics card resulting in dramatic speed increases.
  • 32 Bit Floating Point Precision
    Film Stocks can now process with 32 bit floating point precision.

  • Changes
  • Avid 32 Bit No Longer Supported
    32 bit Avid systems are no longer supported.
  • Premiere Pro Interface Launching
    In Premiere Pro, the user interface is now launched using the Film Stocks Interface button at the top of the effect controls.
  • 2048 Pixel Resolution Default in User Interface
    The Film Stocks user interface now uses a 2048 pixel default resolution instead of 1024. This means you are working at a higher resolution in the Film Stocks interface.

  • Bug Fixes
  • Aperture > Load/Save Setup Problem
    Previously, there was a problem with Aperture loading and saving Film Stocks setup files.
  • Photoshop Elements - Installer
    The Film Stocks installer can now install into the Apple App Store Version of Photoshop Elements.
  • Photoshop Window Priority - Macintosh
    If you turned off the Photoshop "Open Documents As Tabs" preference on a Mac, the Film Stocks user interface would go behind the image in Photoshop.

- Version released 10/25/2012

  • FCPX 10.0.6 Compatibility
    Film Stocks is now compatible with changes made to Final Cut Pro X 10.0.6. Previous versions of Film Stocks had image orientation problems in the user interface as well as crashing with FCPX 10.0.6.

- Version released 06/12/2012

  • Apple Final Cut Pro 10.0.5 - Image Flipped in User Interface
    Final Cut Pro changed its image orientation in 10.0.5 causing the image to be flipped in the Film Stocks user interface. We have worked around this.

- Version 1.0.2 released 04/25/2012

  • Apple Motion 5 Supported
    Apple Motion 5 is now a supported host application.

  • FCPX - More Parameters
    All Film Stocks parameters have been added to the Apple Final Cut Pro X user interface.

- Version 1.0.1 released 04/23/2012

  • Features
    Final Cut Pro X Supported
    Final Cut Pro X is now a supported host application.
  • Fixed Bugs
    Photoshop Video Playback - Mac
    If you applied Film Stocks to a video clip and hit the play button, only the first couple of frames rendered.

  • Premiere Pro CS6 Crash
    Fixed a bug in Premiere Pro CS6 that caused a crash if the Film Stocks user interface was opened immediately after being closed.

- Version 1.0 released 01/23/2012

  • Inital Release
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