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Discounts are offered for students and faculty members of universities, colleges or high school. Churches and non-profit organizations also qualify for the discount. The academic version has no functional differences and is exactly the same as the commercial version.

Academic Ordering Procedure

1) Click the Register button located at the top right of the screen and fill out the required information.

2) Go to the DFT Online Support Center

3) Select Submit a Support Ticket, choose Sales / Accounting and request that your account be promoted to academic status.

4) Attach your student ID card, faculty ID card or non-profit certification using the Upload File field or Fax to 818-766-9867. If you use a Fax, mention this in your message.

- Students: Send your student ID card - Faculty: Send your ID card or a letter on school letterhead

- Church or non-profit: Send a letter on the organization's letterhead including the non-profit certification number

5) Once we verify your status as a current student, faculty member or your organization's status, we will promote your account to academic status and you will receive an email stating that your login has been modified. If there is a problem, you will be notified via email.

6) You can now Login at our website and place orders at academic pricing. Volume academic discounts: Substantial discounts are provided to equip classrooms and labs with copies of our software. If you are interested, contact us by clicking the Contact Us button on the left.

Note: You cannot sell, transfer, modify, or copy Digital Film Tools Software. The academic software license that you purchase is for education use only. Commercial use of academic software licenses will immediately terminate your right to use the software.

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